Our Story

It started with prayer.

On June 3rd, a prayer gathering for a neighbor who was undergoing a significant surgery with other health complications was held. An invitation to pray at the Park House on Next-door was posted and Rev. Jamie Sosnowski was invited to facilitate.  30 residents joined in praying for their neighbor the next morning.

It was clear to those present that there was shared desire to continue to make space for neighbors to pray together in the name of Jesus. So, a second prayer gathering at the Park House occurred on prayers submitted by neighbors to a box in the post office. Those prayers indicated that there was indeed a thirst for community and faith to come together.

The prayer gatherings began on August 22nd, 2019.  It was a wonderful example of the joy of fellowship and faith in the midst of our beautiful setting. Through the cold, rainy and hot,  every other Thursday throughout the fall, winter, and early spring gatherings occurred.  Rejoicing in the transforming power of Jesus filled these events. This was most evident when someone would share a testimony of how God was moving in their lives.

Then came formal gatherings.

Several locations were tried.  The Land Company was approached about letting us rent each one.  After one particularly hot May gathering the Land Company accommodated our request to let us use the parking island by the river retreat. Next, we transitioned to a field adjacent to Earthfit, where we worship under a tent. This serves as our temporary home while our permanent church building is under construction.  

Each week we bring in everything we need from sound equipment to sacramental elements for communion. By our combined team effort, the Lord sets a table. By it, each week we are given the spiritual nourishment we need to press on and proclaim the glory of God. 

Now, what if...

What if a congregation of worshippers could not only share fellowship one day a week, but live as one community?  
There would be so much more opportunity to pray together, study the word of God together, to encourage and support one another as we walk in the way of Christ.  It would be the way that the Body of Christ, the Church was truly meant to be.
What if that same congregation made it their mission to meet the various needs of the community around them, here and in Burton?
While there are many things that individuals and other groups are doing to improve the quality of life for those around them, we seek to be another one.  How potent would a large group of people who have received the perfect love of Jesus be as they  give back that love in acts of service and charity? We would see signs of the God’s kingdom breaking through on the earth. And it would turn our hearts to praise. 
We have already seen some of these things begin to take place. We have blessed children as they return to school,  we have baptized our youngest into the family of faith, we have thanked God for our pets, and we have walked together in grief as we led funeral services for our neighbors.  Our proclamation of the resurrection of Jesus on Easter morning in 2020 was a glorious day where 215 people joined in worship. For two years we have celebrated Christmas, the birth of the Savior, together with neighbors in Eastover Park as we lit the grand tree in the pavilion. 
Join us as we walk in love and serve one another just as Christ has loved us. 

Our Vision

The Parish Church worships God together in community, offering an opportunity to come to know and love the Lord Jesus. We believe that as we grow in our love for God together, we will also grow closer to one another - being known, sharing life, and loving neighbors as Jesus taught us to do, right where we live.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:30 a.m.